Mark Schroeder-Driver


Driver Name: Mark Schroeder 
Residence: Muskego, WI 
Birthplace: Mauston, WI 
Date of Birth: 5-13-60 
Marital Status: Happily Spoken For


Mark Schroeder has been involved in the monster truck industry for 11 years as an independent owner and operator, competing with some of the best trucks in the world. Schroeder, a self-employed house cleaner when he is not driving monster trucks, has risen to the top tier of the Monster Jam circuit and appears regularly on the Monster Jam television show on Speed Channel. If his truck is not competing at the show, then Schroeder heads to the announcer's booth to join Scott Douglass and Ken Stout as a commentator for the show, providing insight and perspective from a driver's point of view.

Before becoming involved with monster trucks, Mark raced drag boats in the International Hot Boat Association (IHBA) and continues his full-time job. 

"Monster trucks and my cleaning job are both full-time, but I always say there is nothing wrong with having fun at your job; I love it," he says.

Schroeder performed with his first chassis until 2004, when he decided to invest in one of Pablo Huffaker's RaceSource chassis. Hot Wheels designed a wild new paint scheme for the truck, and Devastator was reborn. In Atlanta, a career run in freestyle that included ripping the tailgate off during a slap wheelie earned him the lead for most of the competition and even more exposure on television at future events.


"Television is a very powerful thing," says Schroeder. "It has done great things for our truck and for me, and that is just incredible."

Oftentimes Schroeder will work a full schedule as a cleaner, then leave on Friday for a Friday or Saturday show, compete, then head back to work the next week. Life as an independent is not always easy, but Schroeder thrives on it. 

"I've always been a very high-energy person and if I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't be doing it," he says.

Schroeder's thoughts when driving Devastator revolve around one thing--the fans.

"It's all about the fans," says Mark. "I view this as a job, but there's nothing wrong with having fun at your job, and I wouldn't have this job were it not for the fans."

Favorite Food: Steak 
Favorite Color: Red/Purple 
Type of Music You Listen to: Rock, Country, Classical 
Favorite Song: The National Anthem 
Hobbies: Boating, Camping, Quad Racing, Four-Wheeling 
Superstitions? None - Do it right the first time 
Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club 
Favorite TV Show: The Honeymooners